River Bend Park

Riverbend Park

River Bend Park, located at 1099 - 4th Street, provides views of the Washougal River. This neighborhood park provides ample spots for picnics or relaxation.  Limited street parking encourages residents to leave the car parked in the driveway and walk to this site. The Washougal Parks Department currently considers site improvements to include better views of the Washougal River and improved layout of the tables and benches in the park.

All of the Washougal riverfront adjacent to River Bend Park is PRIVATE property and public access to the beach is not allowed. While a historically used trail connects the park to the river, the City of Washougal does not condone use of this trail to access private property.  Public access to the Washougal River can be found at Hathaway Park, Sandy Swimming Hole, and the Washougal River Greenway (City of Camas at the Skate Park).

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