Strategic Planning & Performance Management

Strategic Plan CoverThe Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) was convened in March 2012. Comprised of nine citizens representing a broad cross section of the community, SPAC met with program management staff twice a month for eight months to deliver strategic plan components. Due to rapid changes in technology and current economic volatility, the committee focused on a 10-year horizon. Based on community feedback from the public engagement campaign and a SWOC (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges) Analysis conducted during the planning process, SPAC proposed the following vision, community and organizational values, and mission statement to provide a foundation for the Washougal's Strategic Plan (PDF).


Our mission is to provide leadership and effective, fiscally responsible services that achieve our community's vision.


Washougal will be a safe and economically vibrant community that successfully balances growth and expanding opportunity with fiscally responsible services while preserving the best qualities of small-town living.

Performance Management

The City's Performance Management Program began with adoption of the 2013 Washougal Strategic Plan (PDF). The Strategic Plan laid out the Mission and Vision of our City, along with possible performance indicators to make sure we are on track to reach our goals. Tracking performance assists the City in promoting efficiency and effectiveness.

In 2016, the City was able to devote resources to enhance our performance management and performance tracking, which allowed us to begin to formally track measures across all City departments. In early 2017, we had our first round of annual reporting for most of the city departments. Find the 2016 Annual Reports for our departments.