Community Crime Map

Community Crime Map works with the police record system to allow the Washougal Police Department to share crime data with the public through and easy-to-use online crime map and analytics dashboard. This is a valuable tool for law enforcement to communicate crime activity to their citizens and the media.

Types of Crimes Not Listed

Please note that the following types of crimes are not listed: death investigations (to include homicides and suicides), child abuse, and sex offenses. To find out more about sex offenders in the City of Washougal please visit the Clark County Offender Watch website. The website also does not list calls for service (CFS) that do not require an incident report. Examples would include:

  • Barking dog calls
  • Loud music calls
  • Suspicious person or circumstances
  • Traffic stops

Approximately 10 calls out of 11 do not require an incident report.

Crime Map

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