SR-14 Pedestrian Tunnel

Gateway to Columbia Pedestrian TrailIn 2009, the City of Washougal endeavored to create a connection between the downtown district and the Columbia River. The SR-14 Pedestrian Tunnel is now open. This tunnel provides safe passage from Pendleton Way to Steamboat Landing, William Clark Regional Park, and the Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge and footpath - all connected by the U.S. Corps of Engineers 3 1/2 mile long levee trail.

Concept of the Tunnel

The tunnel passage between downtown Washougal and the Columbia River takes visitors back into ancient times. The City of Washougal created a "petro glyph design team" consisting of nine students from Washougal High school, several adults, and led by artist Rex Ziak. The design team researched Columbia Basin rock "art" to develop concepts for seven hand etched basalt slabs. Ziak designed the images and had them hand etched by local craftsmen. The pieces provide glimpses into the ancient Columbia River Corridor. It’s up to you to determine the story behind each petro glyph. 

More Information

For more information on the "petro" team’s journey and to learn more about this ancient form of communication, log on to CultureWatch Northwest.