Cemetery Board


  • Micki Mulder - President
    Term Expires: 6/1/2023
  • Janet Alder - Vice President
    Term Expires:  6/1/2022
  • Diane English
    Term Expires: 6/1/2023
  • Shirley Frosh
    Term Expires: 6/1/2022
  • Mark Rohr
    Term Expires: 6/1/2024
  • Julie Russell - Council Liaison

About the Board

The Cemetery Board is appointed by the Mayor and consist of five members plus a nonvoting council liaison; four members shall be residents of the city and one member may be a nonresident. 

  • The Cemetery Board is an advisory board to the city council as to the planning, development of the cemetery, and submit annual budgetary requests to the City Council for funds needed to administer cemetery programs.  
  • Appointments for this board shall be ratified by the city council. Seats are filled for an unexpired term.
  • This volunteer board makes recommendations to the City Council. 

Meeting Time

  • Second Wednesday of each odd month and April at 10 AM in Washougal City Hall Council Chambers 1701 C Street.

For more information on duties and responsibilities of the Cemetery Board, check out WMC 2.44 located at https://www.codepublishing.com/WA/Washougal/#!/Washougal02/Washougal0244.html#2.44