Washougal City Council 2022-2023 Goals


Strategic Planning

  • Complete Update to Strategic Plan
  • Initiate General Facilities Plan Development
  • Pursue Federal and State Funding Opportunities for Capital Projects

Public Safety

  • Fire Partnership (pursue preferred approach and capital needs)
  • Complete Police Strategic Planning – Phase II
  • Implement Police Body Camera Program
  • Transportation
  • Pavement Management 
  • 32nd Street Railroad Underpass (pursue funding for design and construction)
  • Pedestrian and Bike Improvements (identify projects, pursue funding)
  • Towncenter Sidewalk Improvements

Parks, Recreation and Trails

  • Complete Hartwood Bridge Replacement
  • Complete Hamllik Park Basketball Court
  • Complete Lower Hathaway Playground
  • Complete design and pursue funding for Civic Campus Parking, Community Center Plaza/Outdoor Seating, and Park and Recreation Amenities Project
  • Explore Opportunities to Enhance Recreation Programming

Land Use and Economic Development

  • Urban Forestry
  • Prepare for GMA Update and Towncenter Planning and Design Standards
  • Explore new Tax Increment Financing Tool


  • Community Aesthetics - Implement new program
  • Finalize and Implement Community Engagement Plan
  • East County Family Resource Center Improvements
  • Explore Opportunities for Enhanced Homelessness Response
  • Explore Opportunities for Enhanced Community Service Projects

Core Services

  • Operations Center Facility Improvements
  • Facilities Security Improvements
  • Complete Utility Rate Study
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades