Why do I need a plumbing permit?

A plumbing permit is required for any installation, alteration, repair, replacement or remodel of any plumbing system regulated by WMC 15.09.10 Section 105.2 (C) to See Plumbing Permit Application and Checklist.

A plumbing permit is not required for the following per UPC Section 103.1.2:

  • Stopping and/or repairing of leaks in drains, soil, waste, or vent pipe provided, however, that should any concealed trap, drainpipe, water, soil, waste or vent pipe become defective and it becomes necessary to remove and replace the same with new material, the same shall be considered new work and a permit shall be procured and inspection made as provided in this code
  • The clearing of stoppages
  • Re-installation or replacement of prefabricated fixtures that do not involve or require the replacement or rearrangement of valves or pipes

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