How will this year’s Pumpkin Harvest Festival be different?

This year’s festival will once again be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City of Washougal is holding the Pumpkin Harvest Festival as a Trick-or-Treat walk-thru event at Hathaway Park this year. Free pumpkins and goodie bags of Halloween toys and treats will be given away. Children (and adults!) are encouraged to wear their costumes. Physical distancing and low-contact guidelines will be observed at this event to keep you and your family safe. Please wear a face covering.

In years past, local families would dress in Halloween costumes and gather at Reflection Plaza in downtown Washougal for children’s games, free snacks, entertainment and of course, a free pumpkin! Unfortunately, the event will not proceed in this way.

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1. How will this year’s Pumpkin Harvest Festival be different?
2. What park will the Pumpkin Harvest Festival be at and at what time?
3. Will there be games and prizes this year?
4. How is the City of Washougal keeping families safe at this event?
5. Who can I contact with questions about this event?
6. How much does this event cost?
7. Can we wear our costumes?
8. What if it's raining outside?