I’m frustrated by the high rates. What is the city doing to keep our rates reasonable?

The City is committed to finding a balance between affordability and the need to ensure that adequate revenues are generated to provide for reliable and safe drinking water, and effective and compliant wastewater treatment and storm water management, now and into the future. 

We conduct rate study updates to ensure we are on track and are only charging what is necessary to accomplish this. Particular emphasis has been recently placed on pursuing grant funds and low interest financing, to take some pressure off of rates. 

In 2021 we were awarded a $1M low interest loan toward funding design of required enhancements to our treatment plant. In 2022 we were awarded a $1M federal grant toward these upgrades. This year we were awarded a $10M low interest loan (the maximum allowed in the loan program) for construction of these enhancements, and we applied for additional low interest financing. We are waiting to hear if we will be awarded this additional low interest financing. Also, this year there is another $1M grant pending at the federal level. We hope to learn that this has been finalized soon, pending the federal government adopting their new budget.

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1. I heard the city is conducting a rate study. What is being studied?
2. What is the city doing to inform and involve the public in the study?
3. How much of a rate increase should I expect?
4. What would happen if the city kept rates the same as they are now or lowered them? Why does the city need to raise rates?
5. The bill we receive for the three utilities can be confusing. What can be done to improve it?
6. What is a typical bill for Washougal ratepayers?
7. My bi-monthly bill seems high to me which makes me wonder about other cities. Why are rates in similar cities different and is the rumor true that our rates are some of the highest in the state?
8. I’m frustrated by the high rates. What is the city doing to keep our rates reasonable?
9. Has the city considered going to a monthly billing cycle?