How much of a rate increase should I expect?

While we won’t know the exact rate increase until City Council takes action in early 2024, for the average residential customer the city is currently considering a 2.9% annual rate increase in the combined utility bill each year between 2024 and 2028. This equates to an increase of roughly $8.08 per each bi-monthly bill, or $4.04 per month for the average residential customer. The rate increase amount is consistent with what our consultant is seeing with other cities, and in some cases it is less.

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1. I heard the city is conducting a rate study. What is being studied?
2. What is the city doing to inform and involve the public in the study?
3. How much of a rate increase should I expect?
4. What would happen if the city kept rates the same as they are now or lowered them? Why does the city need to raise rates?
5. The bill we receive for the three utilities can be confusing. What can be done to improve it?
6. What is a typical bill for Washougal ratepayers?
7. My bi-monthly bill seems high to me which makes me wonder about other cities. Why are rates in similar cities different and is the rumor true that our rates are some of the highest in the state?
8. I’m frustrated by the high rates. What is the city doing to keep our rates reasonable?
9. Has the city considered going to a monthly billing cycle?