What if I have a leak?
  • It is not our policy to turn the water off upon discovering that somebody may have a leak. We will call and speak to the customer of record or leave a voice mail or leave a door hanger at the property in question.
  • It is the customers responsibility to verify if they have a leak on their property and to get said leak fixed within 30 days of notification to qualify for a leak adjustment.
  • Qualifying leak adjustments will have the overage charged because of the leak reduced by 50% for up to 2 billing cycles (4months).
  • The overage is worked out using 6 prior consecutive reads. If it is a new build with less than 6 prior reads we will use the flat fee consumption for leak adjustment calculations.
  • Low income senior citizens that have already applied and qualified for the low income senior rates will have 100% of the overage caused by the leak waived.

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