Memorial Cemetery

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The Washougal Memorial Cemetery, located at 3329 Q Street, provides the largest public burial grounds in Washougal, Washington.Memorial Cemetery Plot Map 

The Sons of David Shepherd operated and maintained the earliest graves, known as the “Pioneer Cemetery” – now referred to as “Section A”. Management by Lodge Number 194 of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) reflected this name change and expanded the grounds to add “Section B”.


Citizens successfully petitioned for the City of Washougal to assume ownership of the IOOF cemetery in December of 1944. To this day, the City of Washougal Clerk’s Office and Public Works Department perform all functions of management, development, and operations of the Washougal Memorial Cemetery. Offering five “open” sections for interment, two sections reserved for future development, and several burial options. The City of Washougal looks toward to meeting the needs of this community for generations to come.

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Helping families with end of life decisions is our number one priority. Please call and make an appointment with one of our staff members so that we give you the best support during your time of need.

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Michelle Wright
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