Single Family Inspection Requirements

Plans & Permits

  • Job address posted in a visible location.
  • Plans and permits to be on site.
  • Previously required inspections to be signed off.
  • All corrections to be completed prior to reinspection.

All work shall be complete and ready at the time an inspection is requested.

Exception: Footing and foundation inspections may be scheduled in advance provided all work is completed at time of inspection.

Inspection Order

  1. Excavation, setbacks, and footing, erosion control: Property lines to be identified and clearly marked. Erosion control measures to be in place, as per Clark County Home Builders Association manual, prior to inspection.

    All vegetation, roots, stumps, debris, unsuitable soils etc. shall be removed from within the building envelope.
  2. Foundation walls: All rebar to be securely tied and all hold-downs and anchors placed.
  3. Post and beam: Footing and posts for all point loads to be in place and required anchors installed.
  4. Shearwalls: All hold-downs, fasteners, and required nailing are to be installed and completed prior to an inspection request. Do not install moisture barrier or siding until shearwall is signed off.
  5. Roof sheathing: All roof-to-wall connections installed.
  6. Plumbing, mechanical, gas piping: All plumbing rough-in and gas piping to be under test. All plumbing, mechanical, and gas piping are to be inspected and approved prior to requesting a framing inspection.
  7. Framing inspection: All of the above inspections to be completed and approved.

    Note: Electrical work to be approved by Washington State Department of Labor and Industries prior to scheduling framing inspection.
  8. Insulation: Walls, vaulted ceilings and underfloor insulation only after framing has been approved. Vapor barrier in place. All framing penetrations to be sealed/caulked.
  9. Drywall: All nails and screws shall be installed prior to scheduling inspection.

    Note: Proper fasteners for garage side of common walls/ceilings.
  10. Final