Within the City of Washougal, zoning districts are utilized to determine the specific uses and types of development allowed within each district. Each property in the city is designated with a zoning district on the city's Zoning Map. Zoning districts designate what a property can be utilized for such as residential, commercial, industrial and institutional and public areas. The city's comprehensive plan groups the zoning of the city into seven designations, which in turn are further divided into specific zoning designations.

Comprehensive Plan Designations

The seven Comprehensive Plan designations are as follows:

  • Business/Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Parks / Open Space
  • Public Facility
  • Single-Family Residential
  • Town Center

These Comprehensive Plan designations are further divided into the following specific zoning designations:

  • Business/Industrial
    • Light Industrial (LI)
    • Heavy Industrial (HI)
  • Commercial
    • Convenience Commercial (CV)
    • Community Commercial (CC)
    • Highway Commercial (CH)
  • Multi-Family Residential
    • AR-16
    • AR-22
  • Public Facility and Parks / Open Space
    • Institutional and Public (IP)
  • Single-Family Residential
    • R1-15
    • R1-10
    • R1-7.5
    • R1-5
  • Town Center
    • Town Center Core (TC-C)
    • Town Center East Village (TC-EV)
    • Town Center West Village (TC-WV)

Zoning Maps

If you would like to know the zoning of a specific property within the City of Washougal you can look for it on the Zoning Map (PDF) or look it up on Clark County's Maps-Online. The specific uses allowed within each zoning district can be found under Title 18 of the Washougal Municipal Code.