A-Board & Free Standing Sidewalk Signs

A-Board Sign ExampleThe Washougal Municipal Code was revised by City Council in September, 2007, to allow A-board and free standing sidewalk signs for legitimately licensed businesses in the following zones:

  • Commercial
  • Home Occupations businesses in all non-residential zones
  • Town Center Core
  • Town Center East Village districts

Specific Requirements

A-board and free standing sidewalk signs are not allowed:

  • For "Home Occupation" businesses in Residential zones
  • In Residential districts
  • For businesses not legitimately licensed with the City of Washougal

Licensed businesses must adhere to the following requirements of size and placement when utilizing A-board or freestanding sidewalk signs:

  • Maximum sign size is 9 square feet per sign face
  • Maximum of 2 sign faces per sign
  • Maximum of 1 sign per business or use, including those with more than one street frontage
  • Signs must be placed on the same side of the street as the business
  • Maximum height of the sign is 36" above the sidewalk, walkway, or plaza on which it is placed
  • Height may not be increased by placing the sign on top of other materials
  • No sign may reduce the continuous, unobstructed width of the sidewalk or walkway to less than 5 feet
  • Signs may not obstruct a building entrance, steps, or driveway access
  • No sign may obstruct the required line of sight of vehicles at intersections
  • No sign may be placed within 5 feet of a wheelchair ramp
  • No sign may be placed within the roadway, traffic island, median, or circle


City Council has determined that A-board and free standing sidewalk signs may be displayed accordingly:

  • Only during the hours the business is open
  • Business owners are responsible for removing the signs following business hours and during period of strong winds
  • All A-board and free standing sidewalk signs shall bear the name and address of the person/organization placing the sign

Design Requirements

All A-board and free standing signs within these zones must adhere to the following design requirements:

  • Must be constructed of weather resistant materials such as wood, plastic, or metal
  • May not be constructed of impermanent materials such as cardboard and paper
  • No materials may be attached to the sign, such as paper, balloons, windsocks, etc.
  • No sign shall contain foil, mirrors, bare metal, or other reflective material that could create hazardous conditions for motorists, bicyclists, or pedestrians
  • No A-board or free standing sidewalk sign may contain lights of any kind.