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Adopting a park is a great way to make a difference in the community. This program provides many different ways for local groups, families, and businesses to get involved and help keep our parks safe and clean. 

What does it mean to adopt a park? 

Adopting a park is a great way for local groups, individuals or organizations to get involved in the community. The primary goal for park adopters is to help keep the parks safe and clean. This can be done through individual park patrols, work parties, or large community events.

What is required to adopt a park?

  • Fill out an Adopt-a-Park Application 
  • Set up a meeting with the Volunteer Coordinator to discuss adoption details and create a park work plan based on adopted park and group needs 
  • Complete weekly/monthly tasks (less required in winter months) 
  • Complete at least two (2) service projects each year 

What types of tasks and projects can be done in adopted parks? 

There are many different projects that adopters can assist with. Each park provides different needs. These needs will be outlined in the work plan as potential volunteer projects for groups to complete. Weather and time of year also play a role in determining park projects as each season brings different needs. Here are examples of typical projects: 

  • Litter pick up 
  • Graffitti removal 
  • Flower planting 
  • Landscape bed maintenance 
  • Pruning 
  • Spread bark dust/wood chips 
  • Wash play equipment 
  • Remove invasive plants 
  • Raking leaves 

Who can adopt a park? 

Any local group such as families, individuals, businesses or other organizations can "adopt" a park in Washougal.

Is it free to adopt a park? 

It is free to adopt a park; however, time commitments are needed to complete monthly park tasks.

How do I get tools and supplies to do a project in the park? 

Washougal Parks and Recreation will provide tools and supplies for park projects. An adopt-a-park kit will be given to the adopter and will include general park clean up supplies. For group service projects, a tool trailer containing all necessary tools and supplies will be provided.

Is there any group recognition for participating in the adopt-a-park program? 

Washougal Parks and Recreation will install one acknowledgement sign for park goers to see. A press release will be submitted to local papers to announce the adoption, often in conjunction with an adopt-a-park kick off project. 

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