Kindness 911

Kindness 911 graphicKindness 911 is a support organization connecting local law enforcement and fire agencies with those they directly serve. Through thoughtful and intentional means they recognize individuals/groups for their genuine, positive impact on their community. The Washougal Police Department is excited to partner with Kindness 911. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Washougal officers, aka "Kindness Cops & Crew" catch people in the community for a kind act or simply to show their appreciation
  • Officers go to and submit their experience after issuing a kindness citation
  • Community members that have been cited go online, report the experience, and then unlock a donation to a local charity
  • Kindness 911 also donates financially to local charities supported by Washougal PD in the name of those who exemplify kindness, compassion and goodwill

You've been cited

Please fill in the necessary information requested HERE and we will make a donation to a local nonprofit simply because of your kindness.  

Nominate a hero

Do you know someone who is an unsung local hero or they go above and beyond. Let us know more about them HERE and maybe they will get the recognition that they deserve through Kindness 911. 

KINDNESS 911 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded and headquartered in Clark County, Washington. Learn more at