The Engineering Division is responsible for administering the City’s Capital Steamboat Landing Dock and Dump TruckImprovement Program for the following:

  • Facilities 
  • Parks 
  • Stormwater 
  • Streets 
  • Utilities 


Engineering works closely with the Planning Department to size and locate infrastructure to meet the demands of growth projections based on land use within City Limits and the Urban Growth Boundary. These Master Planning documents provide the basis for all infrastructure planning and construction for the city.


Engineering manages the design and oversees construction on capital projects as well as quality control to ensure each project meets or exceeds city specifications. Engineering also works closely with the Planning Department on private development projects to ensure that engineers and contractors plan and build infrastructure that meets city standards. 


Review the daily tasks and responsibilities of the Engineering Division: 

  • Engineering also represents the city at regional meetings for stormwater, transportation, and utility programs.
  • Engineering is also responsible for the traffic calming program within the city which includes traffic counts and speed studies.
  • Engineering writes applications for grants and loans for helping to fund infrastructure projects.